United Wholesale Mortgage rolls out interest-only financing


United Wholesale Mortgage just rolled out a new product that it hopes will prove attractive to a large segment of borrowers

More affordable to buy than rent in 66 markets


Making monthly house payments on a three-bedroom property is more affordable than paying fair market rent on a three-bedroom property in 188 of the 285 counties analyzed

Your Guide To Reverse Mortgage Strategies


People are literally retiring by the hundreds of thousands each year and will continue doing so for the next decade. That means these people will be looking everywhere for retirement funds. One of those places is the equity in their homes. That means reverse mortgages are going to be an attractive option for years to […]

6.5 million borrowers missing out mortgage payment relief


About 6.5 million borrowers could likely qualify for and benefit from a traditional refinancing or the HARP program, according to a new report released from the Black Knight Financial Services Inc.

The Benefits of Shopping for Mortgage Lenders


Shopping for just the right house is an enormous task, but most prospective home buyers realize that doing some research, engaging the help of a licensed real estate agent and having a clear idea of “wants” versus “must haves” goes a long way in successfully maneuvering the home-buying process. But when it comes to mortgage lenders, […]

What impact will higher rates have on the housing market?


Home buyers may rush purchases in the coming months as a looming increase in mortgage rates is largely believed to be nearing.

Federal Reserve hints at rate rise later this year


The Federal Reserve this week voted unanimously in their regular policy meeting to leave the benchmark federal rate unchanged at zero but hinted that a raise is expected to occur for the first time in nearly a decade sometime later this year

1.5 million boomerang buyers are about to return to the market


About 1.5 million home owners negatively impacted by the mortgage crisis could be on their way to re-entering the housing market within the next three years.

Lenders cry foul over borrower’s “white lies”


Borrowers who aren’t as forthcoming on their loan applications on certain items – such as occupancy status – may feel like it’s harmless, but lenders say such “white lies” constitute fraud.

Pros, Cons, and Myths About Reverse Mortgages

Home Reverse Mortgage house concept

As the 77 million baby boomers enter retirement at a rate of 10,000 per day, the reverse mortgage marketplace is potentially $1.9 trillion according to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, of which only about 10% has been penetrated to date. While this mortgage product has been around for decades, it’s affect on real estate markets […]