The FHFA says HARP will be extended by one more year

The Home Affordable Refinance Program, better known simply as “HARP” is to be extended into next year, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac announced yesterday.

Breaking Down Reverse Mortgages

Most of us have seen the TV commercial where some celebrity or another tells us about reverse mortgages. But what is a reverse mortgage and what can you expect during the process?

Prepare For Your First House Purchase With These Tips

Purchasing a home can be exciting but also stressful because you’re spending a good chunk of money in a down payment and monthly mortgage.

Why Flexible Interest Rates Attract Home Loan Seekers

A number of banks and financial institutions are attracting prospective home buyers with competitive interest rates and a host of added features like 0% processing fees and nil prepayment charges, making this the best time to avail a home loan.

Boomerang buyers just won’t come back

So-called “boomerang buyers” who lost their homes to foreclosure more than seven years ago are slow to return to homeownership, despite being eligible to buy property once again.

The Question for a Home Mortgage Loan: Understanding Your Many Options


Second Mortgage Delinquencies are Going Up


Brexit has not had a major impact on U.S. mortgage rates, so far

Research firms are predicting that Brexit will have little impact on the U.S. housing market, and will not lead to a lowering of mortgage rates.

Low income earners struggling to pay off their mortgages

People with low incomes spend nearly 23 percent of their income on monthly mortgage payments, compared to high-income earners, who spend 11.5 percent of their income on monthly house payments, according to a new Zillow analysis.

Affordable Mortgage Ideas for New Homeowners

Are you interested in buying a home but unsure if you can afford it? It may surprise you that getting an affordable mortgage isn’t comparable to mission impossible. With the right information, you can enter the real estate market with confidence.