Many renters wrongly believe they can’t buy a home

A new survey by has found that almost half of renters haven’t looked into buying a home because they believe they won’t qualify for a mortgage, but that isn’t always true, the company says.

Understanding How Interest Rates Affect the Housing Market

Interest rates strongly affect the housing market as most real estate is purchased through borrowed money. The cost of borrowing money through mortgages is directly tied to interest rates.

HSBC Reduces Mortgage Access Offered to Chinese in the US

HSBC, who is the biggest lender in Europe, will no longer be providing mortgages to some Chinese nationals looking to buy real estate in the United States. This change in policy comes as China tries to stem the amount of money leaving the country. According to the article in, the new policy is already […]

How Do You Know if There Is a Lien Attached to a Property?

If you are considering buying a property, whether residential or commercial, you have to always exert due diligence.

6 tax deductible tips that’ll save you money on your next home purchase

Marian Schaffer, principal and founder of Southeast Discovery, which specializes in helping Baby Boomers with their real estate needs, recently shared some tips on how homeowners can negotiate their real estate tax deductions

Five million homeowners could benefit from refinancing

Although interest rates have been at record lows for the last several years, a vast number of borrowers are yet to take action by refinancing their mortgages to enjoy cheaper monthly rates, CNBC News reports.

Your Guide to Protecting Your Finances When Buying a House

Most people buy a home as an investment in their future, and owning a home could end up potentially costing you more than renting would. It’s best to think of your new home as an asset you are paying into.

Net Lease Cap Rates Set Record

Cap rates in the fourth quarter of 2015 for the single tenant net lease retail sector remained unchanged from the previous quarter at their historic low rate of 6.25%.

Buying a home: What to do when you can’t afford it

The BBC has a rather helpful section on its website devoted to managing personal finances, and a recent article there offers some advice on what homeowners and investors can do if they have a property that turns out to be particularly troublesome.

Bernie Sanders slams Fed’s decision to raise interest rates

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has weighed in on the Federal Open Market Committee’s decision to increase the federal funds rate for the first time since June 2006, strongly criticizing the move.