Post-Foreclosure Hell: Banks Still Chasing Ex-Homeowners Years Later

Debt Collector

More banks are getting aggressive in pursuing deficiency judgments, finding that the proceeds of foreclosure sales may not have been enough to cover the amount of the loans, plus penalties, legal bills, and other fees.

New 15-Year ‘Wealth-Building’ Mortgage for Low-Income Buyers?


Two mortgage executives are hoping to overhaul the 15-year mortgage, making it more readily available to low and moderate-income people. They say the changes will help borrowers build equity at a much faster pace than they would with a standard loan.

Not Even Ben Bernanke Can Refinance His Mortgage


Ben Bernanke, speaking at a conference in Chicago on Oct. 2, recently admitted that he “recently tried to refinance [his] mortgage,” but was “unsuccessful in doing so.”

Is The End Of The Foreclosure Crisis In Sight?


Could the foreclosure crisis finally be fading away? REO and short sales comprised about 11 percent of total home sales in July, the lowest share since December 2007, CoreLogic reports.

Mortgages for the Self Employed


There are benefits to being self-employed. Not having to answer to a boss is a big one, as is being able to set your own work hours. However, when it comes to qualifying for a mortgage, being self-employed has drawbacks. The “stated income” loan application was originally intended to help the self-employed qualify for a […]

Down Payments Have Doubled for Low-Priced Homes

Down Payment

Buyers looking at lower-priced homes are not only facing major inventory hurdles, they’re also finding that they have to bring more money to the closing table.

Carol Galante Quits FHA Commissioner Role


Federal Housing Administration Commissioner Carol Galante announced that she would resign by the end of the year.

Banks blame new QM rules for fewer home loans


New mortgage rules enacted this year are prompting banks to issue fewer home loans, according to a Federal Reserve Board report released this week.

Can’t get a Mortgage? Try a Bigger Lender


Demand for mortgages rose during the second quarter, but a strong divergence between larger and smaller lenders in underwriting credit standards is appearing.

RealtyTrac: 21% of Foreclosures are ‘Zombies’


Zombie foreclosures are still haunting the housing market, representing one in every five foreclosures nationally, according to RealtyTrac, a housing data firm.