RealtyTrac: 21% of Foreclosures are ‘Zombies’


Zombie foreclosures are still haunting the housing market, representing one in every five foreclosures nationally, according to RealtyTrac, a housing data firm.

Short Sales Falling Out of Favor with Underwater Homeowners


Real estate professionals say that their underwater sellers are less likely to consider a short sale, even if faced with foreclosure.

Most Buyers Misjudge Down Payment Requirements


Many consumers are overestimating the down payment they need in order to purchase a home, according to Christina Boyle, vice president and head of single-family sales at Freddie Mac.

Would You get a Mortgage from Google or Amazon?


In an interesting study published by RealtyTrac, it’s been revealed that many people would prefer to get a mortgage through Google or Amazon rather than a traditional lender.

Survey: Most Buyers Underestimate Impact of PMI


Sixty-five percent of home owners with private mortgage insurance (PMI) say that the additional cost has prompted them to pay a higher monthly mortgage payment than they had originally expected

Tips to get Approved for your Mortgage


With new mortgage rules and regulations in place, buyers may face more obstacles when applying for a mortgage.

Trouble Lies Ahead for Two Million Borrowers


About 2 million borrowers with modified mortgages are facing interest rate hikes, according to Black Knight’s April Mortgage Monitor Report.

Fannie Mae: We Need E-Mortgages Now


An electronic mortgage process could cut 30 days off the average 52 days it takes to close a loan, according to a team developed by Fannie Mae to study e-mortgages.

With DeMarco out the Way at FHFA, it’s Back to Business as Usual


Whether these policies are “misguided” or “guided by a higher power” ( i.e. wall street bankers), it is clear that the Obama Administration has no intentions of correcting any of the problems that led to the 2008 housing crisis.

Foreclosures Fall To Pre-Recession Levels


Over the last 12 months, completed foreclosures have fallen to the lowest level since the Great Recession began in 2007, according to CoreLogic’s April National Foreclosure Report, which shows completed foreclosures fell to 599,000 nationwide.