Why Buy a House in Barrie Ontario?

Are you thinking of investing in real estate within the southern Ontario area? Have you already made plans to buy a house located towards the north-west of Toronto? If you have affirmed to these questions, then you really should consider making your house purchase in Barrie, a city located within the province of Ontario, Canada.

Blu Realty Group’s Newest Agent: “Supermodel” Melyssa Ford

Luxury real estate firm, Blu Realty Group, has just announced super businesswoman and model, Melyssa Ford as their most recent broker. According to the press from Blu Realty, Ford will engage high net worth clients from entertainment and sports for the firm.

GreenOak to Raise $500 Million for Second US Investment Fund

Investment firm GreenOak Real Estate LP plans on raising $500 million for its second U.S. investment fund, money that will be used to buy properties in large coastal cities. GreenOak’s first fund, of which already 70% had been invested, was raised to acquire office, retail and residential properties, most of them in New York city

Benefits of Opening a Brick-and-Mortar Location for Your Online Real Estate Business

With housing markets in many cities now well on the road to recovery, hundreds of professionals are once again seeing the benefits of pursuing a career in the real estate industry. But should you do go the whole hog and rent yourself a physical office? Or is it okay just to work online? Read these benefits and decide for yourself.

There’s No Time Like The Present!

The moribund real estate market in the US took half a decade but finally it is showing marked signs of recovery. Are you now thinking of making a move on a particular real estate property, now that prices appear to have leveled off?

Grab a Piece of the Empire State Building Soon

Well, at least in a way it is… According to a new report in the New York Times, the Malkin family who own the Empire State Building are set to announce the creation of a publicly traded real estate firm in the next few days or weeks.

Harry Potter Spellbound by New York Real Estate

Heart-throb actor Daniel Radcliffe, most well known for his performances as everybody’s favorite young wizard Harry Potter, seems to fallen for the magic of New York City.

NY Homes Cost Five Times More

Just why do so many people love New York City? What with the miserable weather for 9 months every year, the grid-locked streets, packed restaurants and dirty subway stations, things couldn’t get any better, could they?

Mortgage Crisis: When “Next Time” Arrives

The economic crisis has been blamed on everything from Wall Street conniving to sun spots, but in truth the biggest part of the recession is due to overinflated credit expectations. Loan approvals which never should have been given the stamp of approval caused borrowers and banks to fall into a deep crevasse of debt. The solution for budding homeowners is simple, ensure your ability to buy and maintain your home.

NYC’s Real Estate – No Sign of Recession

With all the bad real estate news afoot these last couple of years, it’s about time for record price news isn’t it? Well a few New York City real estate deals signal good times for some at least. Curbed just released its 20 most expensive list and it does indeed look as if things around Central Park are looking up. 20 Homes at over $20 million, that’s not bad broker pickings.

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